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STC Germany was founded as PKM electronic GmbH in 1978 in Munich, Germany, as an engineering, consultancy and approval company, which mainly focuses on EMC, Radio and Electrical Safety services.

In 2011, PKM was acquired by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC). In January 2020, PKM then officially renamed to STC Germany GmbH.

Years of experience allows STC Germany to offer comprehensive services to manufacturers and importers.

Professional knowledge and worldwide recognition are the keys for STC Germany to become one of the leading test laboratories in Europe. For a wide range of products, we assist manufacturers and importers in getting the necessary type-approval for their products and also maintaining a high quality level throughout the whole production process.

STC Germany actively participatied in the National German Standard Committee as well as in the International Committees makes it possible to keep track of all relevant standards and regulations in Germany, in the European Union and worldwide at a very advanced stage.