Notified Body

STC Germany GmbH is recognised by the German "Bundesnetzagentur" (Federal Network Agency) and the European Commission to have the competence to carry out the conformity assessment tasks as a Notified Body (EN ISO / IEC 17065:2012) for:

STC Germany GmbH is listed in the European Commission´s Database for its Notified Body's status under:      

After the STC Germany-Notified Body's evaluation you may print the following remark on your sample and / or instruction manual:
"Evaluated by STC Germany - Notified Body 2522"

In addition, STC Germany GmbH is a voting member in the National German Standard Committees and actively participated in the  International Committees to keep up with all relevant standards and regulations in Germany, the European Union and worldwide, at a very advanced stage.

STC Germany is listed as an IEC / CENELEC expert (German Nation Participant) for EMC (TC210).

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