Radio Equipment (RED)

The market for Radio Equipment is growing rapidly. As of June 2017, the RED (Radio Equipment Directive) was put into force for all Radio Equipment.

The Directive covers all equipment that uses the radio frequency spectrum with a few exceptions. Typical products covered by the Directive are:

  • WiFi-Products (2,4 GHz, 5 GHz, ...)
  • Bluetooth-Products 
  • Radio Remote Controls
  • NFC Card Reader

We are accredited for following standards:

EN 300086, EN 300113, EN 300220, EN 300224, EN 300296, EN 300328, EN 300330, EN 300341, EN 300422, EN 300440, EN 300454-2, EN 301357, EN 301783, EN 301893, EN 303204, EN 303340, EN 303345, EN 303354, EN 303372, EN 303406, EN 303413, EN 303417

 ANSI C63.10, 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart C

RSS-102(RF Exp.), RSS-102(NS), RSS-Gen, RSS-210, RSS-215, RSS-326, RSS-220, RSS-236, RSS-247

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